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Explore modern German history

The Borderland Museum Eichsfeld is located on the site of the former border crossing point Duderstadt/Worbis between East and West Germany. The exhibitions are spread across various historical buildings and along the former death strip, today’s “Green Belt”.

The exhibitions deal with different aspects of the German division, focusing on the GDR border regime and the everyday life of East and West Germans living in the border area, as well as the Peaceful Revolution and the border opening (“Fall of the wall”) in 1989.

The following drone flight takes you past former passport and customs control buildings and along the museum’s Borderland Trail, where the “Iron Curtain” of the late 1980s is preserved.



temporary exhibition

What awaits you:

Our new exhibition 'eye_land' displays photo art from young refugees in today's Germany


Visitor service

Opening hours and prices

Opening hours

Tue – Sun: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Borderland Trail is accessible at any time.



Further Information

» there are elevators in the main museum building

» current rules for visiting during the Covid-19 pandemic (in German only)

Admission prices

normal                     4 €

reduced                   3 €

group (>10)             3 € per person


Ticket offer:

if you arrive at the museum after 4 p.m., the ticket is also valid for the following day.


Registration of groups:

phone: +49 36071 / 97112


Guided Tours

Hikes and visits in the exhibition

We offer individual tours for all age groups. Guests are accompanied through the exhibition (indoor tour) or along the outdoor facilities on the Borderland Trail (outdoor tour).

Guided tours can be booked in German, English, French, Polish and Spanish. Tours in other languages are available on request.

group: max. 15 people

duration: approx. 90 min

place: exhibition of the museum

price: 30 Euro


group: max. 25 people

duration: approx. 120 min

place: Borderland Trail close to the museum

price: 35 Euro


group: max. 25 people

duration: approx. 270 min

place: 9 km border strip between Gut Herbigshagen and the museum

price: 50 Euro



Please book your tour in good time.

Our service team will gladly help you.

+4936071 / 97112


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